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We wouldn’t be able to blast the hottest urban music to you if we didn’t have support from our advertisers and supporters. Show some love by supporting these businesses.

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Explosive Entertainment

When you need to hire a mobile DJ in South East Queensland, Explosive Entertainment is the go-to place. They are an award winning business that caters to weddings, parties, corporate events and special occasions.

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Black Media

Businesses that are looking to step things up with their digital marketing go to Black Media. They are a full-service marketing shop that can help with websites, social media, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google AdWords and more.

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Want To Join Us?

Heat Radio is currently in its initial launch stage. While we may be small, we don’t intend on staying here for too long. We have big plans ahead of us and would love to have you onboard in some capacity.

As more people become aware of what digital radio stations are, we are looking to position ourselves as an established station for urban music around the world. The technology is already starting to get released that allows for digital radio to be broadcast on phones, watches, computers, in cars and even standalone speaker systems. Over the coming years, listening to a digital station will be no different to how we have listened to AM and FM stations over the last few decades. Times are definitely changing!

We are looking for a range of businesses that want to be involved in what we are doing and share in the exciting growth that we foresee. We want some foundation advertisers to jump onboard so we can work closely with them to create advertising campaigns that maximise their exposure. We’re also looking for some seed investors to help us really get things off the ground.

If you are interested in getting involved, let us know so we can chat.

“My goal is to build Heat Radio into one of the leading digital Urban radio stations. I want the best DJ’s there are and I want to compliment this with awesome advertisers.”

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